5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Social Media Pages

July 18, 2021

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If you’re using social media to market your business, driving traffic to your pages is important. Making that happen isn’t always easy and your first instinct to accomplish it is to create content and spend time or perhaps ad money on the apps. But there are simple things outside of them that you can and should be doing.

These are 5 easy ways you can drive traffic to your social media pages:

ONE // Link to social profiles from your website

This is a must to drive traffic back to your pages. I know what you’re thinking, why would you need people to go to your social media profiles when they’ve already landed on your website? Because one of the first things people do when coming across a business website is look for social icons. They want to get to know your brand better and if your website alone did not convert them, your social presence may. In addition to social icons, embedding your social feeds on your site is a great idea and a more visual way to encourage your audience to visit your profiles. 

TWO // Cross promote from one social media platform to another

If you have a presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform, be sure to drive traffic from one platform to another by repurposing your content as much as possible. In addition to that, you can also let your audience know where to find you on other platforms by including your handles in your bio.

THREE // Become active on Facebook groups

Join groups where your target audience is hanging out at and interact with their posts. Have your social handles visible on your Facebook bio, but feel free to drop them in the conversation and ask people to connect with you. If you’re an entrepreneur, niche entrepreneurship groups are a great place to find viable leads.

FOUR // Don’t forget your email signature

Have a link to your pages on your email signature, both personal and business—we often interact with people outside of our business network via email. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to let them know how to find you by including your social links and website URL on all your email signatures.

FIVE // Maximize your marketing collateral

Include your social handles in all your marketing collateral—if you’re shipping items, have product packaging, or have a physical location, these are all places where you should prominently promote your social media presence. I see this as a missed opportunity for many brands. Your social media accounts are the place where you nurture and create relationships, so even if you have already done business with someone who found you outside of your social platforms, you can continue their connection to your brand by driving them there.

And since I use social media as part of my marketing strategy, I’ll also take this opportunity to let you know that you can find me and connect with me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and you can read more about social media strategies on my blog

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