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4 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client on Instagram

May 21, 2021


If you’re using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, it’s important that you know how to find your ideal client so you can interact with their content and let them know about your brand’s existence.

Here are four tried and tested ways you can find them.

Find them via hashtags:

Identify a handful of hashtags relevant to your business and begin following them. This will make posts using that hashtag appear on your feed. You can also go directly into the hashtags and look at posts. When you spot one that looks like may be from someone matching your ideal client, interact with the post and visit the user’s profile to interact with other pieces of their content.

Find them via your followers:

Visit your followers’ profiles and see what hashtags they are using. Go into those hashtags and look for posts that may belong to someone matching your ideal client. Once again you’ll interact with these posts and visit their profiles to engage with additional content.

Find them via your competitors:

Check who’s following your competitors and go into the profiles of those matching your ideal client to interact with their content. If these users have private profiles, you can interact with them liking their comments on your competitors posts. They’ll likely wonder who liked their comment and go check out your profile.

Find them via feature pages:

A feature page is an account that curates user content around specific niche crediting creators in the caption. Find a few that fit your industry and go through their posts to find the ones matching your ideal client. Once again, visit these profiles to interact with their content.

It’s also important to know that interacting with content means liking a few posts and leaving 1-2 genuine comments. You want to avoid liking more than 3-4 posts and you definitely do not want to follow these accounts, unless you are genuinely interested in their content and plan to keep following them even if they do not follow you in return.

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