GG, short for Geisha, is the founder of GG Communications. Cuban born, and Miami raised, she's an enneagram 7 whose Gemini brain is constantly in creative mode. Her passions include working with female-led brands, creating aesthetic content, and raising a future female entrepreneur.

She holds a business degree with a minor in marketing and has over 15 years experience in the creative industry with roles spanning from graphic design to marketing to internal communications. She has spent the last 10 years leading social media strategies for accounts for large brands with a combined audience in the millions. Not a fan of corporate formality, she founded GG Communications to take that experience and service clients she feels aligned with and passionate about.

GG Garcia


Gigi is a social media and brand and web design professional based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. She has a passion for strategy-driven design and innovative content creation. Outside of designing and feed planning, you can find her obsessing over her wiener dogs, binge-watching interior design shows, and spending too much money on oat milk lattes. 

Gigi Bastian


A quick-witted New Jersey native based in Miami, Jen pushes beyond the traditional business jargon to elevate your messaging and enhance your impact. With 15 years of copywriting, editing, and brand development experience, she is focused on conscious communication strategies that cut through clutter and drive change. From brand introductions and product launches to better conversions and valuable connections—compelling copy is key to building your vision and sharing your voice. 

In addition to working with corporations, thought leaders, and CEO’s, she's blogged for the tech industry and launched the brand behind the first female-led construction company in Southwest Florida. Jen holds a bachelor's degree in public relations, master’s degree in strategic communication from Seton Hall University, and copyediting certification from UC SanDiego. When she isn’t focused on being a badass wordsmith, she’s passionate about all things outdoors, curly hair, and discovering the meanings of her past lives. 

Jen Sanchez

Mike Montero


Mike is a Miami native and all around creative with a strong background in social media marketing and visual storytelling. His sincere passion for all things photography has landed some of his work in high profile campaigns and local publications. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media from the University of Miami and is a dedicated father of three. When he’s not out taking photographs, he’s juggling baseball and soccer practices, diapers and science projects.







Elevating Brands on Social Media

Supporting Female-Led Brands

Pairing Proven Strategies with Premium Aesthetics

Things we care about...

Advancing the social media profession.

Seeing our clients succeed.

Educating our clients about the role of social media in their marketing strategy.

Self-care and champagne.

Equal pay, civil justice, animal welfare.








Before working with GG I was struggling to find a partner able to execute sound strategy and beautiful aesthetics for my Instagram account. Now my content is establishing me as a trusted thought leader, giving me confidence in this channel, and the audience we’re building is relevant to my services. I’m grateful to have someone who is able to create really great strategic content and picked up my intention and value right away.

During my SMM mentorship session, GG covered all the points that I was worried about, provided such great feedback, and gave me such amazing direction that I'm 100% going to book another call within the next 4 weeks.  The BIGGEST takeaway from this session is that I can charge my worth and should constantly educate clients about realistic social media expectations and goals.

bina takeuchi, Social media manager

After completing the Instagram Strategy I have a better understanding of how to increase engagement and look for my ideal client. The overall experience was very eye opening and I learned a lot that will make a big difference in how I grow my account. GG provided me with a thorough and easy to follow plan, which is what I needed.

Charte, I Am Chenel Cosmetics

Geisha is amazing, we took a lot away from this masterclass on hashtags and we're very excited to start implementing new processes and systems around her teachings. It also brought forward a lot of clarity for our team and got everyone on the same page.

Tori Goulart, tasks by tori

My greatest takeaway was that I was not focused on the branding aspect and understanding my target audience from their point of view. Also, the eye-opener about my content was huge because that's how one can attract the right people for their services!


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